Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Titanic 2?

Sequel to T2?

Titanic 2 (link #1)

Titanic 2 (link #2)

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Check out your Kad

Wow! It's been two months plus now that I've been skiving blogging! Anyway, things have been abuzz and I've been bz bz bz... but I'm back!

So many things to share here, I'll just put in my entires one-by-one. Later.

For now, I'm just amazed that Astro can read our MyKad info... Check it out (excerpt from Jeff Ooi's blog) :

1. Choose channel 800
2. Select MyKad Info
3. Insert your MyKad ... into the second slot of the Astro decoder
4. Your MyKad Info (name, address, IC number, birth date, religion) will appear on your TV screen

And then, read all about this Mr. Wong here who seems bedazzled with his 'new identity'..

Mr Wong's a Singh

Thanks to Jeff, who has always been on the forefront of technology, news and etc.. and to his Little Birds who always chirps in...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bumbu Bali @ Puchong

Went for dinner @ Bumbu Bali in Puchong on my birthday.

True to its name, the place is a reminicence of Bali.. Well, except that it's in Malaysia lah. It reminded me of Made's Warung, which is my favourite restaurant there.

And funny enough, there's also a Bumbu Bali in Bali!! However, the real thing in Bali was more serene and 'high class' - if you farted (pardon the pun), everyone would have known! But the food is good and in big portions (and may I add, expensive!!).

We were lucky for not waiting too long for a table (abt. 5 mins), as we were told that BB Puchong is usually crowded during dinner. The food is good and in big portion, but after a while, I got quite full and blah as the servings were 'oily/greasy'. The satay lilit that came with my nasi campur is tasty!

Anyway, as with most Bali restaurants, the usual Balinese tune is played over and over again until you can't differentiate which is the beginning and which is the ending of the song!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh! Sushi

Had dinner at Oh! Sushi, Midvalley two weekends ago.

I have been there a few times before this and the food was quite good. However, perhaps due to the crowd, the food was so-so only this time around.

For dessert, we ordered this yummy thing.. Macha-something (oops, forgot its name!)

It did not taste as good as it looks.

Anyway, towards the end of our meal, suddenly I noticed something... The tip of the glass is broken!!

I didn't mind the not-so-good service, but to compromise on the safety of its patrons - that is totally unacceptable...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Aquarium Cradle Swing

Was browsing the Fisher-Price website when I noticed the cradle swing. Never knew such a thing existed as I've not seen it before! Seems that this cool swing has been around for quite a while (internationally).

Out of curiosity, I asked our local bb shop and found out that the distributor had just brought the item into Malaysia. And the pre-launch price is RM 499! That's 200 bucks less that the normal price.. what a deal!

Thanks to Kids Gallery, we managed to get the swing in time for the CNY reunion dinner...

The swing all set-up and ready for use! There are two ways to swing; front-to-back and side-to-side..

The mobile features soft lighting inside the water globe and cute fishes 'swimming' in circles when turned on.

The control buttons for sound effects, volume, mobile features and swinging speed.

For more info, check out the demo here: Ocean Wonders™ Aquarium Cradle Swing

p.s. Yes - it compliments the cot mobile!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Praying to the Jade Emperor

On the 9th day of Chinese New Year, the Hokkiens and Hakkas will pray to the Jade Emperor (or loosely translated from Hokkien as "Sky God"). Preparations start on the night of the 8th day, and prayers start at the stroke of midnight.

Some of the offerings at my relatives' house..

Among offerings made include "Golds"

Motorcyclists spotted carrying "golds" on the road..

All offerings are decorated with red 'ribbons'

Friday, February 03, 2006

Paintball Dodging

During the CNY, some Jazzers from KL and Ipoh dropped by for a war game with the PG Jazzers.

The Location: Pulau Jerejak, Penang
The Mission: As usual - Capture the Flag and claim victory at opponent's base.

I managed to take some pics despite being threatened with paints, semi-auto weapons and all...

At the jetty car park

Waiting for our ride at the jetty..

Some introductory posters on the wall. This island is full of history (you can read about it from the Star newspaper articles published recently - just search the keyword at

The swimming pool at the foreground, background shows the cafeteria/restaurant

The other side of the pool offers view of Bayan Lepas (industrial area) In Penang

The game begins!

Spectators getting excited as adrenalines rush..

Some of the bunkers and walls...

A safety net 'surrounds' the entire war zone to capture stray bullets. However, warning signs like this were ignored as everyone stood almost next to the netting...

A game in progress..

The 'curtain' goes up...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Haha.. funny guy

This morning as I was browsing through a few blogs, I found this humorous article, Kennysia: Weight Loss Ads, pointed to me by Brand New Malaysia..

Go ahead, read it and have a good laugh!

Wonder if Kenny really sent the letter.. *ponder ponder*